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W E D D I N G   P H O T O G R A P H Y   S P E C I A L I S T

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Retired 12x Author & Speaker, Steve Whyte has always had an eye for art, and post-writing, Steve decided to pick the camera back up and capture stylish and elegant moments that tell a story for a lifetime. Between Steve's travelling and touring as an author, he always found time to photograph weddings, events, sports athletes and beautiful sights around the world including; Paris, Sydney, New York, Cape Town, Egypt, Lanzarote, and London to name a few.



M E S S A G E   F R O M   S T E V E   T O   Y O U


Thank you so much for visiting my photography website. I know that planning a wedding is a frantic time, and that there is a plethora of information out there that is oftentimes overwhelming. I am here to walk you through the photography process, find out exactly what you want, and take that worry away from you by taking lead of all things photography.

All of my photography starts from the basics of capturing great moments. I am passionate about natural light filled, stylish photos, because no two days are the same. I believe that this gives an even more authentic feel to your photos as it is genuinely a moment that cannot be recreated. Finding beautiful light can transform one scene into something completely different and not just the light, but the shadows too. Something quite magical.


























M Y   S T Y L E


Contemporary Classic: that may be the best way to describe my style. I'm not looking to create a filtered overly made up futuristic look, I'm passionate about natural moments using modern quality with classic trimmings

(which is best expressed through my monochrome / black & white photography)


When I think back to my wedding day, it went by so fast and it was not possible for me to take in everything as it happened. For this reason, I want to make sure I capture everything that you do not see in-between your precious moments, so that you can relive your day from the perspective of your guests.


Whether it be; the preparation, the ceremony, the first kiss, the reception, your first dance, and the cutting of your cake,

I will catch it all. The one thing that has to be consistent with me is that my photos must have context and feeling.

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